It’s Brewing Time! The Magical Mixture Mill is Now Open for Business

Quirky, automated potion brewing game from Indie Publisher HOOK launches on Steam Early Access today

Milan, Italy – 5th April 2023. Indie publishing label HOOK and developer Glowlight are thrilled to announce that budding potion mixers will be able to hone their skills today with the release of The Magical Mixture Mill on PC via Steam Early Access. This wonderfully cozy automated potion brewing game is available for £17.99/€19.99/$19.99 with a limited-time 20% launch discount.

The Magical Mixture Mill brings a wholesome gameplay experience to the hands of budding potion makers as they step up to bring the world-renowned ‘Griselda’s Magical Mixtures’ shop back to its former glory by helping its elderly, mushroom-loving owner. With their goblin assistant along for the ride, players will jump into a colorful world full of automated production lines, jolly characters and classic fantasy humor as they gather new ingredients, create exotic concoctions and maximize potion potency for their loyal (and demanding) customers.

Watch the early access trailer for The Magical Mixture Mill here

About The Magical Mixture Mill

Any adventurer will tell you that Griselda’s Magical Mixtures is the go-to shop for travelers and heroes in search of performance-enhancing concoctions, be it to obtain mighty strength, incredible intelligence, enviable beauty or… less heroic needs.

Griselda, an elderly mushroom-loving witch, has always run the business with great dedication, but time has taken its toll, and it’s time to train someone who can replace her. In short, her knowledge must be handed down, and YOU – a former adventurer whose career was cut short by mixture intolerance – will be the perfect candidate!

Together with your goblin assistant, build automated production lines of alchemical workstations to provide potent mixtures to the local heroes, assisting them in their epic quests and making you their favorite potion supplier. Explore diverse biomes and use your remaining adventuring abilities to gather and research exotic ingredients, leading to new mixing opportunities. Get ready to face all the “wax on, wax off” challenges Griselda throws at you to bring the shop back to its former glory!


  • Accessible, automated potion brewing – Create fully automated production pipelines from a varied catalog of workstations to produce potions. Balance liquid ratio, maximize potency, pick the right ingredients, balance flavors and pour it all on the fanciest bottle you can craft to create the potion!
  • A Vibrant, Cozy, and Colorful world! – A mix of colorful illustration designs with a pinch of cheeky classic fantasy humor but still an alchemically-cozy experience. Different environments to explore and gather your ingredients. But be careful! Some flora and fauna will fight back…
  • Happy customers always come back! Especially if they are “hooked” – Not all heroes want the same potions, so take your time to get to know your customers. As they level up, their demand for stronger and more advanced mixtures grows, turning them into very loyal customers – and turning your pockets heavy with coins!