Backflip Through Hordes of Hideous Monsters in the Action-Packed Madshot Road to Madness

Experience the Madshot rogue-lite shooter in this standalone game release.

Milan, Italy – 23rd February 2023.  Indie publisher HOOK and developer Overflow are thrilled to announce that Madshot Road to Madness, the fast-paced, rogue-lite shooter is now available on Steam for £2.69/€2.99/$2.99. Madshot Road to Madness is a standalone gaming experience inspired by the Early Access launch of Madshot where fans can experience the new vertical style acrobatic survivor gunplay gameplay before entering the Early Access version. Gamers who have already purchased the original Madshot game on Early Access will be able to access Road to Madness for free through the game and in their Steam library. 

Madshot Road to Madness pits you head-to-head against endless abominations while moving stylishly through a Lovecraftian nightmare. Combine a multitude of unlockable weapons, abilities and upgrades in order to survive as long as possible, and reach the top of the leaderboards. To see if you’ve got what it takes to take on this unfathomable challenge, there is a demo available to download on Steam to try out the awesome acrobatic rogue-like shooting action for yourself.  Check out some of the unlockable weapons, ultimate abilities and sidearms available, with around 150 upgrades at your disposal as you battle through endless hordes of hideous enemies.

Watch the trailer for Madshot: Road to Madnesshere 

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Request review code for the Early Access version of Madshot (and unlock Road to Madness) here 

Madshot Road to Madness is a stand-alone spin-off game of the acrobatic rogue-like shooter Madshot, and takes you on an adrenaline-fueled, back-flipping ride to right the wrongs unleashed in your bid for eternal life. Prepare to face off against horrific monsters and survive multi-phased boss battles on an ever-changing road to freeing your city from the mighty Cthulhu. Equip endless upgrade combinations and use your acrobatic fighting skills to fight through a procedurally generated world full of hideous opponents where every playthrough throws out new challenges in an ever-changing gameplay experience. 

  • The road to madness starts here – Play as an alchemist and metaphysician who meddled with dark forces one time too many. Dragged into an infinite abyss of madness and monsters. How will he escape?
  • You are in Control – Doge, roll, dash, wall jump, flip while simultaneously shooting. Madshot: Road to madness offers fluid and responsive movement so you’re always in control of the mayhem.
  • Endless hordes – Slaughter, Subdue, and control endless hordes of enemies. Get the highest score possible, challenge your friends or climb the online leaderboards.
  • Create lethal combinations – There’s a big focus on synergies between unlockable weapons, sidearms, upgrades, and ultimate abilities. Discovering the right combinations will be vital.

Madshot Road to Madness is now available as a standalone game experience via Steam for £2.69/€2.99/$2.99. Gamers who already own Madshot on Early Access can access Road to Madness for free via the game in their Steam library. Madshot is now available via  Steam Early Access with an SRP of $19.99/ €19.99/ £17.99. 

For more information please contact: 

Mark Allen – Renaissance PR +44 (0) 7884 408 976

Stefano Petrullo – Renaissance PR  +44 (0) 7828 692 315

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Overflow is a small studio based in Linkoping, Sweden. Founded in 2014 by two childhood friends, Overflow has a team-first focus, happy devs for better games. We aim to build compelling worlds with juicy gameplay.