Fast-Paced Rogue-Lite Shooter Madshot Launches on Nintendo Switch and Full Steam Release Today

Battle the untold horrors of Cthulhu and break the cycle of eternal life.

Milan, Italy – July 18, 2023. Global publisher HOOK and indie developer Overflow are thrilled to announce that following a very successful Early Access period, the acrobatic, rogue-lite shooter Madshot fully launches as V1.0 on Steam today. But that’s not all as from today shooter fans can now go head-to-head with hideous monsters on the go with the global digital launch of Madshot for Nintendo Switch. Both formats are available for £17.99GBP/€19.99EUR/$19.99USD with generous launch discounts for a limited time.

Madshot is a fast-paced, acrobatic, rogue-lite shooter. Survive the ever-changing road through Cthulhu and beyond. Equip endless upgrade combinations as you fight your way through horrific monsters and multi-phased boss battles. You won’t have the same experience twice in Madshot as the game changes with you and every new playthrough brings new surprises!

Watch the Madshot launch gameplay trailer here


Searching for eternal life, you dabbled in the occult and summoned forces beyond your understanding, forces whose names should never be uttered — and your actions ended with mighty Cthulhu himself swallowing your city whole.

But this odd situation has given you the chance to destroy him from within.

The final version of the game will feature:

  • Acrobatic Rogue-lite shooting action!
  • Over 50 hideous enemies and menacing bosses.
  • A varied arsenal of weapons and more than 200 upgrades to choose your play style.
  • A procedurally generated world to explore and discover, including interactive elements to use to your advantage.
  • Challenges, rewards, unlocks… and more surprises.

Madshot is now available globally via Steam and Nintendo Switch with a SRP of $19.99/ €19.99/ £17.99 with juicy limited time launch discounts.